At The Edge, we are an industry-leading voice on investment research matters. We provide invaluable insights to a potential corporation’s tender offer so that our clients, who are active investors, never leave any alpha behind. Since our inception, we continually strive to provide our clients all the information they require to make sound investment decisions.

The Edge | What is A Tender Offer?

A tender offer involves shareholders of a publicly traded company tendering their shares for sale at a certain price at a certain time. Tender offers are usually proposed by an investor who wants to buy some or all of the shareholders’ shares. With that, a tender offer can occur without seeking the consent of the corporation’s board of directors.

The potential investor or acquirer may work directly with shareholders to facilitate an official acquisition. This also sometimes referred to as a hostile takeover. The next thing to remember is that information like the exchange and the target company must be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This applies to individuals or corporations that are acquiring 5% of the target company.

The Edge | Why You Need Actionable Intelligence About Tender Offers

  • You know exactly when to buy shares after a specific number of shares have been tendered
  • You can avoid large upfront cash outlays
  • You can understand the likelihood of the government rejecting a proposed acquisition due to anti-trust reasons
  • … and more!

The Edge | Why Choose Us for Tender Offer Research & Analytics?

The Edge was founded in 2005, and since our inception, we have been providing stellar tender offer intelligence services to investors. We are currently based in both the United States and United Kingdom, and as a leading research provider, we are widely recognized as an important voice on tender offers. As our client, you will receive real-time analysis, commentary, and news on issues surrounding tender offers. Our value-added input will help you make profitable and prudent risk and investment management decisions that are consistent with your risk profile.

If you are looking to get high convict recommendations pertaining to tender offers, do not hesitate to contact The Edge today!