Jim Osman

Jim Osman

Portfolio Lead

Partners to the Edge will experience a unique style of actionable idea flow with Jim overseeing each detailed analysis.

Jim brings two decades of fundamental Spinoff, Special Situations and Activist Ideas experience which is used to help partners identify, not only investment ideas, but more importantly identifying the specific needs of the money manager’s investment process whilst adding additional intelligence in a modern market where valuation alone is not enough to make a return on capital.

Jim studied Investment Management at The London Business School. He is married, a father of two and regularly competes in triathlon at Ironman & Half Ironman distance.

+1 (973) 867 7760 jo@edgecgroup.com

The Deals Analysts

Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan leads the deal analysts by ensuring clients are up to date with situations in all three asset classes, enabling them to be ahead of their competitors, reduce analyst workload and gain a return on their investment.

+1 (973) 867 7760 jm@edgecgroup.com

Analyst Team

The core Global Analyst Team is comprised of 8 members, and have been together for nearly 10 years. The members are generalists by nature but specialists in their specific strategies. They are directed by Jim Osman, enabling delivery of focused investment ideas with specific angles, giving a distinct Edge to Client Partners.