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"It’s not just Expertise, But the Ability to Turn That Expertise into Practice …"

Directly aimed at the nimble investor, The Edge Lite Series will bring the very best of our institutional intelligence at a fraction of the cost. The Lite Series gets to the heart of the problem that the investor who has limited budgets has. The exposure to real risk on limited resources and idea generation.

Spinoff Report Lite for Global Spinoffs. Special Situations Lite for Global Catalyst Equity Investments and Activist Ideas Lite for Fundamental Credit ideas.

See below for our 1.45min Explainer Video on how you can gain The Edge.

Intelligence for Nimble Investors

SpinoffReport Lite

Proven, Comprehensive, Global Spinoff Intelligence

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SpecialSituations Lite

Fundamentally Driven Catalyst Equity Investments

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  • Being Clients for Over 5yrs and Given We’ve Over $26bn AUM and 20 analysts, You’re [The Edge] in an Extremely Rare Position of Being the Only External Advisor We Have.

    - Portfolio Manager, $25bn NY Investment Management Firm

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