At The Edge, we are an industry-leading provider of comprehensive research and analytics on issues affecting deep discounted rights issues. If are looking to get actionable insights on discounted rights issues, you have come to the right place.

The Edge | What Are Deep Discounted Rights Issues?

Deep-discounted rights issues are recognized as a type of rights issue where new shares are priced significantly lower than their current market value. This is a technique that companies use to ensure potential stockholders take up the rights. Deeply discounted rights issues have for some time remained uncommon on the world’s largest stock markets. However, more investors are realizing the benefits that come with it, and thus attracted renewed attention in recent years. This is also happening because market regulators are constantly searching for new ways to drive down the cost of external fund raising.

The Edge | Why You Need Actionable Intelligence About Deep Discounted Rights Issues

  • You will know why the company you are investing in is raising capital this way
  • You will know how the company’s earnings per share will dilute the ordinary shares of investors
  • You will be more confident with your investment decision as to whether you should take up the deep discounted rights issues

The Edge | Why Choose Us for Deep Discounted Rights Issue Research & Analytics?

The Edge has been in the business more than a decade. Since our inception in 2005, our dedicated and experienced analysts have been providing real-time commentary, news, and analysis on rights issues that have been deeply discounted. Because of the qualitative and quantitative analytics that we provide in our field, we have achieved a consistent track record of an +8.5% alpha. When you work with us for your deep discounted rights issues intelligence needs, you will gain unparalleled insights that help you make better business and investment decisions.

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