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The Edge look at and analyzes ideas in three very under-covered areas:

1) Spinoffs – the creation of an independent company through the distribution of new shares of an existing business or division of a parent company.

2) Special Situations – an unusual occurrence that has a significant likelihood of changing the future direction of a company and materially affecting its value.

3) Activist Investing – buying a sizable portion of a company's stock with the intention of exerting pressure on the management group to make a particular set of changes to the business.


Jim Osman

Portfolio Lead

Jim founded The Edge® in 2005 and leads the analysis, business transactions, and ideas process. He has one simple goal: Return on investment (ROI) for the Edge's client business partners.

He has helped grow The Edge’s partners’ Assets Under Management (AUM) and contributed to their returns, significantly outperforming peers. The Edge’s Model Portfolio is used as accountability for all high conviction recommendations and it has beaten the relevant indices since inception.
+1 (973) 867 7760

Companies we Have covered

Companies we Have covered


The Edge hosts regular ideas conferences at the exclusive Penn Club in New York City with guest speakers presenting live ideas in the Spinoff, Special Situations and Activism spaces
NOVEMBER 17, 2022

The Edge Alzheimer’s Fundraising Conference

On November 17, 2022, The Edge held their annual conference to fundraise for The Alzheimer’s Association (NYC Chapter). Through the generosity of attendees, The Edge beat last year’s raise with a total of $15,850. This year’s guest speakers included… read more

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