Charles Mizrahi: “When I want to know more about special situations, I turn to this guy. He’s been at it for more than three decades… Jim Osman is the founder of The Edge research group. Global asset managers and hedge funds pay him a fortune to gain his insight. The reason is simple: He’s that good. And one special situation that he’s focusing on now is hiding in plain sight. It involves three companies that were founded more than 100 years ago. And very shortly, they’ll be creating huge shareholder value.”

Topics Discussed:

An Introduction to Jim Osman (00:00:00)

What’s a Spinoff and Why Are They So Lucrative? (00:04:43)

The McDonald’s Spinoff of Chipotle (00:14:45)

When the Market Comes Down, It’s De-Risking (00:24:33)

Avoiding the Inclination to Sell Your Spinoff (00:40:56)

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