Special Situations & Spinoffs

The Edge

A Special Situation is any event that can move a stock from a price to a new value. They are often difficult to find and analyze but are frequently profitable. They are rarely highlighted by companies and hundreds go through each year.

The Edge analyzes the most interesting Special Situations:

  • Insider Dealing
  • Turnarounds
  • Management Changes
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Privatizations
  • Fallen Spinoffs

Spinoffs are basically the creation of an independent company through the distribution of shares of an existing division of a parent company or a conglomerate. Finding which spin is actionable is our expertise. Spinoffs are quite common in the United States and Globally as there are approximately 30 to 50 spinoffs annually.

The Edge analysis every step of the process, keeping our client partners aware of each event pre and post-spin:

  • Announcement Screened
  • Early Situational Evaluation
  • Examined Prospectus/Form-10
  • When-Issued/Regular Way Trading
  • Tracked & Updates Post-Spin
  • Analysis Released with an Edge

The Edge is more than just a blanket research product covering a specific niche. We are a service that acts as an extension to your current team. We coach our partners through alerts of upcoming events, highlight activity of high conviction ideas, track these ideas in our Model Portfolio, and offer Spinoff and Special Situations Calendars that are broken into US, Europe and Global coverage.

  • Consistent, Unique and Timely Investment Opportunities (50-60 per year)

Ensuring you and your team never run out of investment opportunities

  • 20 Years of Proprietary Data & 10-Year Model Portfolio with an Outperforming Track Record

Hidden value you won’t find anywhere in your day-to-day screening or your brokers

  • Low-Cost Entry Giving Our Partners Access to The Only Global Analytics backed by Intelligence

You will never miss the most profitable opportunities in Special Situations & Spinoffs

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