Following up from its successful Spinoff of Match Group (MTCH) in July 2020 (IAC up +140% since), we continue to recommend entering IAC as a strong long-term play, with a near-term catalyst of Vimeo’s Spinoff as well as Turo’s potential IPO in 2021.

Two months before the July 2020 split, IAC traded at $71. Leading up to IAC’s Spinoff last year of MTCH, IAC’s stock price had a tremendous fall (to pandemic lows of $40).

On the first day of trading for IAC, the stock listed at $103 (+45% return 2-months before its Spinoff) and now trades at $225 today. As we’re nearing that two-month mark, this recent dip in IAC provides an opportunity to enter ahead of the Spinoff.

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